5 Best Ways to Write Your Resume

The job market today requires competitive resumes that really stand out. The all time short attention spans of hiring managers and other Human Resource personnel indeed make it crucial to create professional curriculum vitae. In fact, recruitment staff usually spends at least 6 seconds checking the resumes and quickly decides if the applicants may take the next stage. And as the employment rate keeps on increasing, today’s job seekers experience stiff competition. And to help you land a job, here are the 5 best ways to write your resume:

  1. Improve your contact details – assuming the hiring manager is busy, you can help them make the hiring process easier when you hyperlink your e-mail address. That way, the staff only needs to click the link and get to your contact information. And to avoid identity theft, only include your zip code, state, and city on the resume. In addition, be sure to provide active links on your LinkedIn account as well as other social media profiles to help recruiters contact you easily.
  2. Achieve a “pop” resume design – depending on your target job and industry, you can actually differentiate your resume’s design by considering some professional tips. For instance, the resume of a graphic artist can be more creative than the accountant’s. Always consider the position you are applying for before you decide on the format and design for a standout resume. 
  3. Never mind your objective statement, focus on your summary instead – today, hiring managers are not really focused on what the applicant is looking for a job or company. Instead, they want to know if the applicant is the ideal hire for their job opening. Also, according to professional resume writers and HR personnel, objective statements are no longer important in your CV. So you can concentrate in making the best summary to exactly provide the skills you have related to the job. State your experience, career achievements, and job history in your professional synopsis to directly indicate your qualifications. 
  4. Guide your reader – with the changes in the reading behavior caused by internet usage, know that people no longer read the page form top to bottom. They actually look for unique and creative part in a page and if they find it boring, they will just stop reading the material. The perfect way to grab your reader’s attention is to create an appealing structure for your resume. You can use bolded texts to emphasize achievements and other important details.
  5. Skip the skills section – with your professional experience section, you can actually do without the skills section. In fact, employers want to validate your skills through your work experiences enlisted in your resume. Don’t worry if you have lots of experiences to list down because your resume doesn’t necessarily have to be a one-page deal. As long as your details are concise and important, you can include all of them. However, avoid long paragraphs since it will only bore your reader or worse, toss your resume into the trash bin

Follow these guidelines and be the outstanding candidate among other applicants for the same job.