Featured Job Ads

As a commitment to filling job vacancies faster than before, our company IliganJobs.com is now offering featured/premium ads with the following options:

  • Your job ad will be pinned on top of regular listings in our site homepage. www.iliganjobs.com
  • Your job ad will have a dedicated single listing in the website sidebar that will highlight your company logo. This sidebar ad is viewable to all website pages.
  • Your job ad will be pinned on top of our Facebook page with 18,000+ followers.
  • Your job ad will be emailed to our 1,000+ email subscribers
  • Your job ad will be advertised in Facebook using sponsored posts.

Ad Pricing starts from P500.

To learn more about pricing or if you want to start your featured ad campaign, contact us at iliganjobs@gmail.com or info@iliganjobs.com or call us on (063) 224 2709.