Corpus Cris Lubguban


Personal Detail

Name                                                                         CORPUS CRIS P. LUBGUBAN

Year of Birth                                                              May 25, 1967

Contact Number Landline                                      8800520

Contact Number Philippines                                 09358785956

Email address                                                

Marital Status                                                          Married
Permanent/Home Location /Address

City or Town                                                            Bolonsiri, Camaman-an, Cagayan de Oro

State                                                                         Asia

Country                                                                    Philippines

Current Location/ Address

State                                                                       Asia

Country                                                                   Philippines


Main Nationality                                                    FILIPINO



Highest Qualifications Degree

Qualification                                Subject                                  Establishment/Country                 Year

Degree                              B.S. Mechanical Engineering                   Philippines                            1989

LICENSE S     :         mECHANICAL ENGINEER – 0042704


Computer Skill and Software Used

Word, Excel, Internet, Power Point, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Access, SAP, Basic Visual, Photoshop, AutoCAD 14, AutoCAD 2002, AutoCAD 2004, AutoCAD 2006,AutoCAD 2009, PROCAD, PRIMAVERA CMMS(Computerized Maintenance Management System)

PPMS PARIS INC. – SR. HVAC SUPERVISOR                                                                                                                                            Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

FEB, 2013 UP TO SEPT 2, 2014(Dissolved)

·         Assist Planning engineer to ensure quality preparation & execution of all maintenance works

·         With team assists specializes working under specific maintenance contracts

·         Monitors & operates the functioning of utilities and equipment placed under his responsibility

·         Review all intervention reports in the CMMS and writes technical reports                                       Manage intervention using CMMS and work packs

LAMANA DEVELOPMENT LTD (2012) –PROJECT & FACILITY MANAGER                                                            Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Duration : JAN 2011 UP TO JAN 2013

Salary  : $ 2,700/month

·         Responsible Project management and supervising & coordinating work of contractors

·         Liasing with tenants of commercial, Beach resort  and residential properties

·         Check compliance with commercial lease and checking of lease details with accountants, leasing agents, lawyer and other parties

·         Ensuring the building meets health and safety requirements

·         Checking that agreed work by staff or contractors has been completed satisfactorily and following up on any deficiencies

·         Responding appropriately to emergencies or urgent issues as they arise

·         Security, utilities and communication infrastructure

·         Space management

·         Landscaping Management

Other Tasked (Project & Construction) :

·         Review Electrical Services

·         Review & Supervise Structural Steel on site

·         Review & Supervise Hydraulic Services

·         Electrical Review& Supervise site

·         Other Review Plan& Supervise in site

·         Review & Estimate Material Cost

·         Review & Supervise Mechanical Services

·         Review drawing

1. Employment History

Total Years of Work Experience                                      2

Commenced Full Time work                                            2009

Name                                                                                    DELBROS WATERFRONT LEASING INC., Philippines

Job Title                                                                                Branch/Operation Manger

Duration                                                                               From  APRIL  2009 – DECEMBER 2010



More than two (2) years of professional manager experience work in the field of maritime, shipping, logistic, leasing & varied within maintenance repair, construction, fabrication installation, heavy equipment repairs including Crane Gantry, Forklifts. All this period work in the Philippines.
Work Experience

Coordinate with the Business Director for equipment maintenance problems and project  coordination, for conditioning & repair ( Chassis 20ftr, 40ftr,40ftr combo,40 Flatbed,40 Low bed), Container Van, Container Refrigerated Van, Prime Mover, Telescopic Crane, Forklifts).
Responsible on logistic & forwarding, Warehouse Parts inventory (Inbound/Outbound. Handled two (2) Yards for repair & maintenance.
Responsible on Sales & Business Development.
Responsible on a daily basis, perform equipment safety checks and preventative maintenance, (i.e. check oil, water, tire pressure, lighting and etc.)
Maintain a clean tidy vehicle and well site trailer.
Report any mechanical problems to the Business Director.
Ensure safety rules are followed.
Responsible to keep vehicle properly fueled and maintain adequate inventory of equipment consumables.
Maintain the equipment in a safe and efficient operating condition.
Provide timely service to the jobsite as required by the customer.
Timely completion of assigned jobs by supervisors.
Responsible on the complete and submit the company required paperwork in an accurate, complete and timely manner.
Communicate regularly with the jobsite yard supervisor & foreman as to the requirements and coordination of the company’s service.
Take any corrective action that is necessary to improve production.
Perform any other duties in the best interest of the company and those assigned by the field Foreman, Yard Supervisor, Crew team for repair.
Reduction of site stock to a DW operation.
Development, installation and responsibility of site Quality, Cost and Delivery.
Materials management in conjunction with purchasing Material spent.
Management of External contractors. Including machine servicing and calibration.
HR responsibilities including disciplinary, attendance procedures in conjunction with centralized Human Resources function.
2. Employment History

Total Years of Work Experience                                      2
Commenced Full Time work                                            2007
Name                                                                                    ELECTRO SAUDI LTD. KSA
Job Title                                                                                General Maintenance Supervisor
Duration                                                                               From  FEB 2007 – MARCH 2009

Maintenance & Project, Construction, a huge task of experience includes Supervision and managing sixty (60) skilled personnel, including staff, foreman, engineermaintaining the entire palace and beach resort and outside property of the Good Patron. Five(5) hectares area ,consist of maintaining Buildings(Civil Work & repair, Plumbing, Air Conditioning -(Split – High-Wall Split Systems,Under ceiling SplitSystems , Cassette Split Systems, Multi-Split Systems& Window AC), Package A/C unit -Central Air & Water Chiller(Single Zone, Reheat, Dual Duct, Multi zone, Variable Air Volume, Fan Coil, Three Pipes, Water Cooling Tower , Facilities-AHU(Air Handling Unit), Water Heater Boiler, Steam Boiler, Package Steam Boiler,Seven(7)GENERATOR Caterpillar 1000KVA, Switchgear ATS,  LNG ( Liquefied  Natural Gas Plant), Plant’s( Desalination Plant – 56,000 m3/day, Sewage Plant, Irrigation Plant, Chocolate Plant, Chiller Plant, Storage Plant)Refrigeration (Freezer AVANTI, DANBY,FRIGIDAIRE, Cold Storage Room, Ice Maker SUMMIT, WHIRLPOOL, Walk-in Fridge BUSH Refrigeration. Villas maintain Landscaping and other building.

HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Civil, Motor Pool ( Ken worth Equipment, Landscape Equipment, Auto Cars, Forklift TCM, Boom Crane Lifter KOBELCO, Back Hoe CATERPILLAR, Excavator CATEPILLAR,KONE, Loader KOMATSU, Golf Cars)

Work Experience

Responsible on maintenance of Machines & Equipment, Facilities, Building (Villas, Sports Complex, Hospital, Mess Hall, Kitchen, others)/Plant Equipment, in a 4 hectares areas including Beach Resort of Good Patron.
Supervised the Human Resources in the division to attract, retain and motivate the staff; hire, train, develop, empower, coach and counsel, conduct performance and salary reviews, resolve problems, provide open communication vehicles, discipline and terminate, as appropriate.
Responsible to develop, recommend, implement and manage the department’s budget capital expenditure plan, forecasts and objectives consistent with maintaining a first class property and management’s expectations.
Responsibility to develop, implement and manage a maintenance program and the grounds and all of the equipment in compliance with corporate/franchise standards and local, state and national codes and regulations to ensure the safety, convenience and satisfaction of all guests, managers and employees to protect the asset and maintain the property in first class condition.
Responsibility to develop, implement and direct all Emergency Programs; ensure all equipment is maintained, conduct inspections and drills, ensure compliance with all codes and regulations, train all employees and maintain accurate records to ensure a safe environment which protects the asset, guests and employees.
Equipments maintained under my huge tasked, Central Air & Water Chiller(Single Zone, Reheat, Dual Duct, Multi zone, Variable Air Volume, Fan Coil, Three Pipes, Water Cooling Tower  , AHU(Air Handling Unit), Water Irrigation for Landscape Supply, Water Heater Boiler, Steam Boiler, Package Steam Boiler, Desalination plant produced 56,000 m3/day(Supplied for Villas, Buildings, Irrigation, Plants, Other properties of the Good Patron) .  Refrigeration (Freezer AVANTI, DANBY,FRIGIDAIRE, Cold Storage Room, Ice Maker SUMMIT, WHIRLPOOL, Walk-in Fridge BUSH Refrigeration & Air Condition(Split – High-Wall Split Systems,Under ceiling SplitSystems , Cassette Split Systems, Multi-Split Systems& Window AC, Package AC Unit). GENERATOR Caterpillar 1000KVA, Sewerage plant, Switchgear ATS, Five (5) LNG COMPLEX( Liquefied Natural Gas) 25,000 cubic meter capacity.
Responsible on Refrigerating & Freezing Equipment – Soda Machine (Post Mix Type), Juice Dispenser, Milkshake and Ice-cream Machine, Meat Freezer, Wall-hung Freezer, Refrigerating Room, Freezing Room, Air conditioning / Heating System
Tasked to develop, implement and manage energy conservation programs for the property to minimize expenses.
Responsible to coordinate renovation bidding, define the cost and scope of the project and oversee the general contractor and subcontractors to ensure quality work is performed for minimal cost.
Responsibility to requires advanced knowledge of building management/Landscaping Management /engineering.  May require considerable working knowledge of other major areas in the Palace and the skill to Integration and communicate that information.
Responsibility to requires analyzing activities and/or information involving some original data manipulation or interpretation to arrive at logical conclusions.
Responsible on the Landscape equipment person for the lawn mowers, lawn tractors, and other tractor –mounted equipment. Also,devises and outlines maintenance procedures for landscape electrical systems/equipment to ensure maximum service life and utilization.
Responsibility to maintained and monitor Plants Nursery Operation for construction of greenhouse, shade house, cold frame valve house, water irrigation pump house.
Responsible maintaining & inspect daily, Panel Controls, wiring cable, transformers for Generator, Compressor Piston BOGE, INGERSOLRAN, A/C, PLC dimmer Lights, Photo Cell, Timers, Outdoor Lights for Landscape, Underwater Sea Lights, Cleaning Condenser Rooftop, Cleaning Blower A/C, Repairs A/C Split & Window, Operation of Water Desalination, Irrigation System for Landscaping, Sewerage, Water Pumps & Motor.
Handled skilled force and foreman in different nationality for the work flow of maintenance and project.
Responsibility on the work scheduling for Preventive Maintenance, daily work flow of maintenance and project.
Conduct daily meeting discussing the progress of work to all staff including technician & skilled personnel
Responsible on all necessary papers work for the jobs done & review existing drawing any occurs problems in equipment& system & review all request procurement parts for equipment & project.
Responsible to prepare budgetary yearly forecast for maintenance.
Responsibility to do submit daily report direct to the General Manager.

3. Employment History

Total Years of Work Experience                                      3

Commenced Full Time work                                            2007

Name                                                                                    Ferro Chrome Mining Corporation, Philippines

Job Title                                                                                Facility Service Supervisor

Duration                                                                               From  JANUARY  2004 –  JANUARY 2007



In 3 years as Service Supervisor my professional way in handling my experience in the field to ensure that work is high qualify and within the allocated time. Reporting to the Mine General Manager, the entitled person plans the work based on daily objectives and the availability of the equipment in an open pit environment

Work Experience

Lead maintenance department in all functions; safety, planning, preventative maintenance, training, supervision, and cost control
Foster team environment and develop the skills and capabilities of the maintenance team
Communicate cleary and effectively with all members of the work force both hourly and management and across other functions
Ensure proper scheduling and implementation of short and long-term maintenance planning functions
·         Performing engineering studies to obtain data on new equipment and systems developments in communications field and adaptability of equipment to existing system.

·         Analyzing reports, records, and recommendations to determine whether equipment should be repaired or     replaced, additional equipment installed, or newly developed equipment acquired, considering such factors.

Implementing recommended equipment modifications and enhancements in accordance with user request and business objectives.
Reviewing work orders to move, change, install, upgrade, repair, or remove data communications equipment.
Co-ordinate the research, identification, purchasing, development, testing and maintenance of instrumentation and electronics. To devise ways to control these systems by applying automation technique and computer – aided process, to ensure safety and efficiency in operations
Calibration & Maintenance Services for the various groups of Monitoring and Measuring Instruments / Process Control Instruments/Equipment such as Pressure gauge, Pressure Transmitter, Pressure Switch, Pressure Indicator, Temperature gauge, Temperature Transmitter, Temperature Switch, Temperature Indicator, Magnetic Level transmitter etc, by using standard traceable calibrated instruments.
Maintain long-term maintenance improvement plan utilizing investigation and root-cause failure analysis techniques to develop corrective solutions while meeting day-to-day operational needs
Supervise a crew of heavy equipment operators
Supervise mine services
Supervise auxiliary equipment
Supervise pumping stations
Manage the Health and Safety meetings
Complete the time sheets of the employees
Write different production reports

4. Employment History

Total Years of Work Experience                                  3
Commenced Full Time work                                        2004
Name                                                                               DOVE MAS HOTEL , Philippines
Job Title                                                                           Landscaper Engineer
Duration                                                                          From FEB  2000 – NOVEMBER  2003

Responsible for the cultivation and care of the landscaping and grounds surrounding a business or building. Plants flowers, mows, pulls weeds, repairs structures, and maintains outside of building.
Work  Experience

Perform grounds keeping and building maintenance duties.
Mow lawn either by hand or using a riding lawnmower.
Cut lawn using hand, power or riding mower and trim and edge around walks, flower beds, and walls.
Landscape by planting flowers, grass, shrubs, and bushes.
Apply pesticide to rid grounds of pests such as mosquitos, wasps, ticks, and others.
Apply fertilizer to ground to enhance growth.
Shovel snow from walkways and sprinkle ice down to keep people from falling.
Perform routine maintenance duties such as applying plaster, fixing fountains, and other duties.
Sweep walkway of debris.
Cut down tree limbs that are posing a danger.
Trim shrubs and pull weeds.
Perform minor repairs and maintenance procedures on equipment utilized in groundskeeping.
Install lawn furniture.
Rake, mulch, and prune the grounds as needed.
Install rock, cement, lighting, water, and furniture.
Water plants and grass as needed and apply fertilizer.
6. Employment History

Total Years of Work Experience                                      2

Commenced Full Time work                                            1993

Name                                                                                    PEARL MINING INC.

Job Title                                                                                H.E. Engineer

Duration                                                                               From  MARCH  1991 – DECEMBER 1992



My career as fresh first experience in the field of Heavy Equipment for two(2) years as Maintenance of different H.E. from lifting, excavate, scraping, plant equipment, etc.. Heavy Equipment –Caterpillar D8 Buldozer, Loaders, Backhoe, Overhead Crane, Scrapers, Excavator, Dynapac Compactor, Graders, Trucks, Forklift, Articulated Vehicles fixed frame.


Work Experience

Responsible on the engine care while engine is being operated such as increased   engine efficiency, less down time and lower repair bills.
Responsible to check hydraulic, air connection, engine coolants supply and make reports any found defective and insufficient required base in standard procedure.
Responsible to make daily report of engine operation to the maintenance department any of the following conditions: low lubricating oil pressure, low power, abnormal water or oil temperature, unusual engine noise, excessive smoke, excessive use of coolant, fuel or lubricating oil, any fuel or lubricating oil leaks.
Responsible on the preventive maintenance schedule and maintenance performance record.
·         Responsible maintenance checks, change engine oil, change engine full-flow filter element, change lubricating oil by-pass filter element.

·         Able to task and performed hydraulic system maintenance, trouble shoot for steering

·         Assigned to handled maintenance hydraulic pumps for trouble shoot, repair, replacement of parts, assemble and disassemble installation of pumps and directional valves, filters, etc…




Engineering Design associate with software computer
Wear and Corrosion
Database CMMS tracking Maintenance Record
Hydraulic Circuit Design and Pneumatic Circuit Design
Hydraulic Engineering Work
HVAC/Plumbing Design associate with computer program
Design Automation Machine
Landscaping and agricultural management
Knowledge of general safe work practices
Efficient use of Microsoft Office Product and computer based maintenance systems
Good oral and written communication skills
Collaboration/ indirect influencing skills
Strategic and critical thinking
Problem solving
Business acumen

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