Davi Medilo Pahapay


Bachelor of Arts Major in English

Iligan City




A recent graduate of AB English with experience in works related to communicating and taking client concerns. Seeking leverage of acquired academic knowledge into effectively filling the Cashiering Supervisor – Operations. I am a dedicated worker aiming to help achieve your company goals and take on more responsibilities as quickly as possible.

·         Excellent interpersonal Skills

·         Calm under pressure

·         PowerPoint Presentations

·         Excellent Verbal Skills and written Communication Skills

·         Fast Learner and Trainable

·         Skilled Multi-tasker

·         Results-oriented

·         Schedule management

·         Dedicated Team Player

·         Resourceful

·         Articulate and well-spoken







Tutorial Teacher

Ficuva-Mpc Learning Center l Iligan City l June 2016 – March 2017

·         Conducts individualized tutorial sessions for students with academic deficiencies

·         Determines what skill areas require additional assistance. Designs and implements exercises and activities to facilitate student’s academic improvement.

·         Maintains all records required to document student’s attendance and academic progress.

·         Exercises skill in both verbal and written communication.Defines guidelines and goals for the benefit of the client

·         Flexible in student handling and an active support for the parents as well


summer public speaking instructor

Ficuva-Mpc Learning Center l Iligan City l April 2017 – May 2017

·         Fostered students’ commitment to lifelong learning by connecting course materials to broader themes and current events.

·         Developed and delivered engaging lectures to  students.

·         Coached students on public speaking and presentation skills.

tutorial coordinator

Ficuva-Mpc Learning Center l Iligan City l June 2017– PRESENT

·         Coordination Services and tutorial load assignments under the supervision of the School Head.

·         Helps tutors fulfill their maximum potential in mastering their job content.

·         Assesses student learning outcomes.

·         Continues the professional development in utilizing opportunities given by the work experience.

·         Maintains standards of professional conduct and ethics appropriate to the professional position.

·         Assists with articulation and curriculum development and review.

·         Assuming other responsibilities as assigned by the School Head.

·         Fulfilling other duties and responsibilities of a full-time faculty members


School Guidance Counselor (Acting)

Ficuva-Mpc Learning Center l Iligan City l June 2016 – PRESENT

·         Partnered with school administrators, teachers and parents or guardians to provide students with appropriate and adequate counseling support in school.

·         Facilitated constructive and regular communications between educators and parents.

·         Served as school board member to provide recommendations for the modification, development or improvement of educational programs.

·         Developed self-awareness and self-management skills by identifying and managing one’s own emotions and behaviors.

·         Used of social awareness and interpersonal skills to establish and maintain positive relationships.

·         Demonstrated decision making skills and responsible behaviors in personal, school, and community contexts.







Iligan City, Northern Mindanao, Philippines




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