Demosthenes Escala Maglasang, Jr.



 Tambo, Hinaplanon, Iligan City



SKILS                 :

A Graduated of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with more than 18 years in local and foreign experience in basic design requirements, fabrication, estimation, installation and all site activities related to all electrical works for construction of large-scale building projects. Familiar with all the electrical engineering methodologies as well as the corresponding equipment, materials, consumables, tools and manpower allocations related to electrical works for building projects. Well versed in interpreting and executing electrical related drawings. With strong leadership skill.



Tertiary                  : St. Peter’s College                                                                                              1994 – 2001

                                                  Iligan City, Philippines

  Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering – Graduated      


Vocational            : Mindanao State University –Iligan Institute of Technology                    1993 – 1994

                                                  Iligan City, Philippines

                                                  School of Engineering Technology

                                                                Major in Electrical Engineering Technology – one (1) Semester only

Secondary             : Iligan City National High School                                                                   1989 – 1993

                                                  Iligan City Philippines


                        Safety Training (OSHA)                     –          10 hrs for General Industry

                                                                                                                –              30 hrs for Construction Safety & Health

Technical Training                               –          1 Day for Submarine Distribution System;

Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Repair of Industrial Machines and R. A. 7920.



                        03           – Years of Experiences in Building Construction; Railway Construction; Facilities

Management and Oil & Refinery Plants;

                        15            – Years of Experiences in the Republic of the Philippines for different position like

Electrical Lead-man, Clerical works, Admin Clerk, Computer operator & encoder.


·         Computer Literate

·         Computer Repair for Software and Hardware

·         Basic AutoCAD, as-built drawing

·         Low Current expert – Fire Alarm; Telephone Data; and Public Adress

·         Electrical and Instrumentation – Knows of method of Statement for Electrical Field Test; Insulation Tester expert (Megger and Hi Pot)

·         Facilities Management expert





Dubai Investment Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates



                Duties and Responsibilities

·         Supervising the Repair and Maintenance in Living Legend Villa’s in Al Barari, Dubai, UAE;

·         Supervising the Checking and PPM of Electronic Access Door; CCTV; Fire Alarm System; and Public Address.

·         In-charge of all Security, Cleaners and Technicians; and Building supervisor before in Qasr Sabah Building Apartment, IMPZ, Dubai;

·         Tool box meeting will be conducted before starting of the job of the workers;

·         Supervising the Repair of Electrical and Mechanical Equipment and Machines;

·         Supervising the PPM of split-in and Package HVAC;

·         Taking photo of snag/s MEP to be repair; and

·         HSE rules will implement before and after the work on the Job Site.


2.       NASSER H. AL-GHITHAN GEN. CONT. EST. (NHG)                       2015 – 2016

Al Aziziyah, Al Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


            ELECTRICAL ENGINEER (Position)

                        Duties and Responsibilities                  

·         Plot circuit diagram to the Drawing for Lighting Outlet, Socket Outlet and Fire Alarm System;

·         Computing Load Calculation for Each Distribution Panel Board and Main Panel Board;

·         Lay outing the Single Line Diagram for Demand Load and Connected Load;

·         Inspecting and Supervising the Electrician for Installing of EMT, PVC Pipe and cable puling along Ceiling, Wall and Floor area;

·         Inspecting and Supervising the Plumber for Installing of uPVC & Galvanize Pipe for wall and Floor area;

·         Computing the Materials and Time Table for Civil, Plumbing and Electrical Works;

·         Supervising and Helping the Electrician and Technician by Installing and Termination of the Electrical works like socket outlets and lighting outlets; and Low Current works like Detector Base, Manual Call Point, Sounder, Blinker and Panel Board;

·         Conducting one year Free Repair and Maintenance for Electrical, Civil and Plumbing works;

·         Supervising and assisting the Repair and Maintenance of Electromechanical Equipment, LV Equipment, HVAC, ELV/LV Socket Outlet, Lighting Outlets, Roll-up door,  Socket Outlet for Till Point and Fire Alarm Devices; and

·         HSE rules will implement before and after the work on the Job Site.


3.      MOHAMMAD AL-MOJIL GROUP (MMG)                             2014 – 2015

Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer III      (Position)

      Duties and Responsibilities

·         Tool box meeting will be conducted before starting of the job of the workers;

·         Reviewing the implementation of measuring devices or new control systems. Ensure each part is installed properly and conduct test runs before initiating actual operations;

·         Supervising the Cable pulling and laying down the Power Cable;

·         Taking Insulation and Continuity Test of LV Power Cable using megger tester;

·         Supervising and checking the work of Cable Splicer by terminating the LV Power Cable to Electrical Panel Board and splicing LV Power Cable;

·         Supervising the Electrician for Repair and Maintenance in Building and Residential Electrical jobs;

·         Plot circuit diagram to the Drawing for Lighting Outlet, Socket Outlet and Fire Alarm System;

·         Calculating and Balancing of Load Calculation;

·         Installing and Test Commissioning of Fire Alarm System;

·         Checking, Evaluating, Monitoring and Motivating the Performance, Efficiency and attendance of the Line E/I Technician staff, taking necessary prompt action to recommend good performance or correct poor sub-standard performance;

·         Ensure the safety precautionary measures are being followed & implemented;

·         Preparing Salary sheet and computing the Extra hour for all staff; and

·         Checking the job of the workers if safe or unsafe. If unsafe, I let them stop the work.


4.      YAPI MERKEZI, SAUDI CO.                                                                   2013 – 2014

Al Nariyah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


            ELECTRICAL ENGINEER (Position)

                                Duties and Responsibilities

·         Supervising and Controlling Maintenance of activities for proper implementation, Supervising schedules and Responsible for the maintenance, overhaul, repair, schedules checks and calibration of process and general service instruments, controllers, safety controls and communication;

·         Supervising the team for Installing Low Current System like CCTV, Fire Alarm System & Public Address; and

·         To inspect the work of Electrician, controls and monitors the actual execution of all electrical related works of the project, to ensure that the project will be done in accordance with all the approved construction drawings, contract documents, specifications and all applicable standards; Generally responsible for implementations andØ monitoring of all electrical related works at site.


5.      ILIGAN CITY GOVERNMENT                                                               1998 – 2012

Buhanginan Hills, Pala-o, Iligan City, Philippines


            ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF (Position)

Duties and Responsibilities

·         Perform the design of electrical works and implementation of various City Electrification Projects and Building Electrician; and

·         Assisting Brgy. Councilors (Committee on Energy) for their                Electrification of their Barangay for giving them Electrical Materials & Electrical Plan.

·         Checking the Daily Time Record of the workers.

·         Preparing payroll for the payment of the staff and co-workers.

·         To process documents like Voucher, Payroll and any documents related to works.

·         Assisting and welcoming visitors.

·         Computer Encoder, Computer Technician and  assist the QC Engineer from Inspecting the newly constructed Building, Road widening and other related Quality Control works

·          Computer Encoder, Clerical Works and Assisting the Administrative Officer.

·          Detailed at Iligan City Police Station – 1 last April 1, 2006 up to June 30, 2010 and also in Iligan City Police Station – 5 last February 11, 2011up to June 30, 2012 both as Admin Clerk. Assisting Desk Officer, In-charge of NCRS, In-charge of encoding Blotter Extract and assisting Intel-Operative, Admin, PCR, WCCD and Investigator







  • Autocad
  • Computer Literate
  • computer technician
  • Driving
  • Electrician


1994 - 2001

BS Electrical Engineering at St. Peter's College


June 16, 2015 to June 28, 2016

Electrical Engineer at NHG Gen. Cont

May 17, 2014 to June 15, 2015

Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer at MMG

February 3, 2013 to February 3, 2014

Electrical Engineer at Yapi Merkezi

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