giovanni stephen c romarate


zoo manager , trainer ,wildlife designer

cebu city philppines

hi , im giovanni stephen romarrate every body calls me father giovanni , from cebu city philppines . agteach grad bat  and will experience in wildlife like monkeys, snake, fishes, birds ,  big cats and bees . work here for 10 years now as a zoo manager . made our facility into inter active zoo , that all can hold experince wildlife . can drive car trucks and pick up . can scuba and make fish habitats so a sharks black and white tips , can breed animals domistic and wildlife . canwork with less supervision, if provided the support i candilever the beast result . fater of four girls which is also love a nd have there wildlife pets . can speak english . can work with the team or alone . can and will garagtee you that if given the opotunity to work with you  i can be a great help inyour company and to the animals. my cll no. 09176062832 my

thank you


  • breed wildlife
  • can drive
  • scubs dive
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