Jedahlien Pacana Talisay

contact number: 09356817052

Technical Reject Analysis Technician In-charge
(CAMERA Division/Clean Technology Committee/Technical Section)
Cebu Mitsumi Incorporated
Sabang, Danao City, Cebu
(October 2014 ~ January 2016)
 Analyze and judge dust reject analysis results
 Determine contaminants and reject items
 Perform preventive maintenance
 Troubleshoot and repair machines
 Make reports on analysis
 Assist and evaluate machine operators and checkers
 Orient Newly Hired Engineers and Technician
 Make improvements (KAIZEN)
 In-charge on all analysis requested by YBD Japan and Customers
 Reliable source of information regarding rejects especially Customer’s Claim
Machines: (FT-IR Machine, Ion Sputter Machine and SEM-EDS machine)
Production Electronics Technician
(CAMERA Division/COB Section)
Cebu Mitsumi Incorporated
Sabang, Danao City, Cebu
(July 2010 ~ September 2014)
Job Description:
 Set-up & Verify Machines
 Set-up & Verify Lines
 Troubleshoot and Repair Machines
 Perform Preventive Maintenance
 Make Line & Machine Improvements (KAIZEN)
Machines: Wire Bonder, Die Bonder, Effective Focal Length, Lens Sorter, Resin Robo Machines (Musashi), Auto Wire Check Robo (Musashi) Machines, HFE/IRCF Washing Machines, Tabai/Tunnel Ovens & etc.
Laboratory Technician/Chemist (on-the-job trainee)
(Quality Assurance Section)
HOLCIM Philippines Incorporated
Lugait, Misamis Oriental
(November 2009~March 2010)
Job Description:
 Prepare cement/clinker/raw materials for chemical analysis (hourly)
 Monitor product quality from raw materials to packing
 Perform Physical Analysis (Blaine Testing, Fineness Checking, Sample’s Lost of ignition & etc.)
 Perform Chemical Analysis ( Quantitative Analysis, Coal Analysis & etc)
 Perform Durability of Cements( Hardness Testing)
Machines: (Chemical Laboratory Apparatus Coulometric Bomb Machine, Oven, Sieves, Hardness Tester, Blaine Tester & etc)
2010 Diploma in Material Science and Engineering Technology
(Major in Laboratory Technology)
Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology
Tibanga, Iligan City
 Machine Troubleshooting and Maintenance
 Machine Setup and Installation
 Machine Operation and Programming
 PLC (Keyence) setup
 Basic CAD (Solid Works 2008)
 SMA Welding
 Wire Bonding Machine operation and troubleshooting
 Die Bonding Machine operation and troubleshooting
 Electronics Assembly (CAMERA)
 Basic Manual Soldering
 Foundry (Sand & Aluminum Casting)
 Metal Forming
 Gold Appraising
 Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis
 Material Testing (Chemical & Physical)
 Basic Sampling
 Basic Heat Treatment
 Basic Destructive Testing
 Pot Making/Clay Forming
 Material Sampling
 Metal Forming

 CAD (SOLID WORKS) (Cebu Mitsumi, Inc.)
 Level 1 & 2 Measurement (Cebu Mitsumi, Inc.)
 Basic Soldering 2nd Class (Cebu Mitsumi, Inc.)
 On-The-Job Training(HOLCIM Philippines)
 Mock Job Interview(MSU-IIT)
 Cryogenics & Pyrotechnics Seminar
Age: 25 years old
Birth Date: January 10, 1990
Status: Married
Citizenship: Filipino
Height: 155 cm
Weight: 44 kg
1.Engr. Joseph Richard Tan
Assistant Supervisor
Cebu Mitsumi Incorporated
Sabang, Danao City Cebu
2.Prof. Nadzmi Sayadi
Class Adviser
Bonifacio Street, Tibanga, Iligan City
3.Mr. Ishikawa Yoshihiro
CAMERA Quality Assurance Division Manager
Cebu Mitsumi Incorporated
Sabang, Danao City Cebu

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