Joanna Marie R Taub

Joanna Marie Taub

Prk.4 Minaulon, Bacolod lanao del Norte

09278205939/063 227-2360


  • To be profesionally associated with an admired organization.with objective to utilize my education more meaningfully and work towards achieving the goals of the organization.

Educational background

Tertiary: Iligan Medical Center College

Secondary: MSU- Maigo School of Art and Trade

Personal Background:

Born on March 28,1989 in Bacolod Lanao del Norte Philippines. Can converse in english,tagalog,visaya and maranao dialect. Knowledgeable in microsoft programs,xenia operation programs.





college graduate at Iligan Midecal Center College


january 15- feb 20,2015

front desk assitant at madelicious corporation

june 2016- august 2016

bakery supervisor at Julies bakeshop corporation

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