Joel Torcino

Joel D. Torcino
Radisson Blu Hotel Doha, P.O. Box: 1768, Doha Qatar                 974-6659-5322         
Objective: To secure any position in the kitchen, to successfully use and enhance my skills to benefit your organization.
Professional Experience:


Demi Chef De Partie                              August 24, 2013 – present

Radisson Blu Hotel, Doha

Commis                                                   July 20, 2012 – July 15, 2013

Radisson Blu Hotel, Cebu

Sergio Osmeña Blvd., cor J. Luna Ave.

Cebu City 6000.


Duties and Responsibilities:

·         Meets and exceeds customer service and team member expectations by providing Yes I Can! Service & Team Work.

·         Adheres to hotel policies & Procedures.

·         Maintains a favorable reputation of Radisson Blu Hotel at all times.

·         To report for duty punctually, wearing correct uniform and name badge at all times.

·         Monitors and controls the cleanliness of the kitchen areas and equipment.

·         Keep tight control on wastage and makes sure no Food leaves the kitchen without a captain order, in order to keep the Food Cost low.

·         Make sure that the correct ordering procedures are followed, and that every order is done through a captain order.

·         Makes sure that all kitchen staff adheres  to all hygiene rules for food processing and storage.

·         Controls portion size and presentation, before the dishes are handed over to the pass.

·         Assigns tasks to his staff as per daily reservation and functions.

·         Helps supervising breakfast, lunch, dinner service and assures the correct sequence of service.

·         Inform the Sous Chef immediately of any irregularities or problems.

·         Control and monitor meals provided for the hotel staff by problems.

·         Monitor Food storage rooms on order and hygiene as all conditions of stored food in order to avoid spoilage and expire dates.

·         Carries out another duty that assigned by the department.

·         Helps out in another section when needed.

·         Works closely with Chefs to ensure correct preparation and delivery times are kept and food quality is maintained.

·         Works speedy and efficiently at all times with a Yes I Can! attitude.

·         Responsible Business ethics.

·         To have knowledge about first aid, fire and evacuation procedures.

·         Attend training classes and make suggestions for improvement.

·         Help employees to achieve optimum quality while minimizing cost.

·         Recommends better preparation procedures to the Exec. Chef.

·         Check with the Sous Chef the set up before opening of the functioning or restaurant of all food items and decoration.

·         Keeps the highest standards of personal hygiene, dress, appropriate uniform, appearance and conduct.

·         Continuously seeks to Endeavour the knowledge of own job function.







Department of Manpower Development & Placement (DMDP),

Certificate of Culinary Arts

September 2011

F. Ramos St., Cebu City

Devine Mercy Computer College (DMCC)

Computer Technician

1998 – 2000

Colon St., Cebu City


Abellana National School,

High School Diploma
1994 – 1998
Osmeña St., Cebu City

Certifications & Awards:

·         Food Safety Level 2 & 3 (Highfield)

·         Fire Safety Training & Fire Fighting

·         Yes I Can Diploma (Delivering the promise programme)

·         Cross Training (Fine Dining Sea Food Restaurant)

·         Qatar Masters (Certificate of Appreciation)

·         National Certificate II (TESDA)

·         Certificate in Culinary arts

·         Star of the Month Nominee (for heart of the house) Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu

Personal Data:

Age                                                                 : 36 yrs. Old

Birth date                                                     : June 01, 1980

Birth place                                                    : Cebu City

Sex                                                                 : Male

Height                                                           : 5’ 7”

Weight                                                          : 181 lbs.

Citizenship                                                   : Filipino

Status                                                            : Married

Religion                                                        : Catholic

Health                                                           : Good



Chef Jurgen Lepping

Executive Chef

Radisson Blu Hotel Doha

+974 4428 – 1428

Marco Amarone

F&B Director                                                                                               Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu                                                                         0917-5525367



  • boneless
  • Butchery skills (knife skill
  • cooking
  • cutting
  • marination etc.)


June 2011 - Sept. 2011

Commercial Cooking (Certificate) NC II Certificate at DMDP Man Power (TESDA)

1998 - 2000

2 year Computer Technician Graduate at Divine Mercy Computer College

1994 - 1998

Secondary Education Graduate at Abellaa National School


August 24, 2013 / Present

Demi Chef De Partie at Radisson Blu Hotel Doha

July 20, 2012 / July 25, 2013

Commis (Butcher) at Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu

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