Julius R. Padayhag

Julius R. Padayhag

I am seeking employment with a company where I can use my talents and skills to grow and expand the company.
Degree | Date Earned | School
·     Graduated in Ditucalan Elementary School Batch 1996

·     Graduated in Iligan City National High School Batch 2000

Degree | Date Earned | School
·     Graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Mindanao State University Iligan Institute of Technology year 2000-2005

·     Undergraduate in Bachelor of Science and Computer Science at Iligan Medical Center College  year 2005 to 2006

·     Automotive Servicing National Certificate 1 TESDA

·     Automotive Servicing National Certificate 2 TESDA


·         BASIC OFFSHORE SAFETY INDUCTION EMERGENCY TRAINING (February 3, 2014- February 6, 2014)

Summary of Experience
Over 10 years of career experiences in field of rotating equipment’s including the stationary equipment’s and has gained extensive exposure in handling major petrochemical shut down for the capital equipment’s such compressors, turbines, conveyors and etc.

Proactively in developing and maintaining strong customer relation and superior customer satisfaction in representing the technical knowhow equipment.

Career Experience:
mechanical technician (millwright) | Global steel company | january 2006-september 2007
·     Installed, Assembled and setting up machines in different plant location as per advised by maintenance supervisor.

·     Dismantled machinery in factories, power plants, and construction sites as required by the plants requisition.

·     Consult the engineers and managers to determine the best location to place for machine for installation or repair work.

·     Responsible to fully understand how a machine functions to assemble and disassemble properly.

·     Responsible to fully understand the common tools and special tools for the rotating and stationary equipment.

·     Responsible to maintained the rotating and stationary equipment’s as per assigned by superior.

·     Performed preventive maintenance such as cleaning, lubricating and testing damaged machine parts.

mechanical technician leadman | allied arabian maintenance trade company (aamco) | march 2008-august 2013
·     Installs machinery and equipment’s mainly compressors, gas and steam turbines, and motors according to layout plans, blueprints, and other drawings in industrial establishment, using hoists, lift trucks, hand tools, and power tools.

·     Reads blueprints and schematic drawings of compressors, Turbines and motors to determine work procedures.

·     Dismantles machines, using hammers, wrenches crowbars and other hand tools.

·     Moves machinery and equipment, such hoists, dollies, rollers and trucks.

·     Assemble and installs equipment, such as shafting, conveyors, and tram rails, using hand tools and power tools.

·     Aligns machines and equipment. Using hoists, jacks, hand tools, squares, rules, micrometers and plumb bobs.

·     Perform repair and lubricate machines and equipment.

·     Perform installation and maintenance work as part of team of skilled trade’s workers.


Mechanical Technician inspector / National drilling company abu dhabi uae.  /febuary 2014- april 2016
·     To inspect the transport trucks and heavy equipment before we use to jobsite in onshore and offshore.etc

·     Checking Civil Equipment’s like wheel dozers vouldouzers, ken worth trucks before the driver proceeding to his assignment operations.

·     And all motors and gear box  compressors checking’s and monitors daily check the meter reading kilometer reading and oils that always incorrect level and specially monitored by the technicians.

·     And daily you can make perfectly and complete explanation of all expenses and maintaining the daily needs in the onshore and offshore.

·     I will make a monitoring to the MOB that they used in offshore and onshore if they need special in operation on time.



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