Manilyn V. Arnoco


________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                                                                                               OBJECTIVE:

To develop my skills and enhance my knowledge which will equip me in my future career. To follow the standards of what the establishment has.

Special Skills:                    Computer Literate (MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)




College                                  Bachelor of Science in Psychology                                                                                 St. Michael’s College (SMC)                                                                                              Quezon Avenue, Iligan City                                                                                          S.Y. 2007-2011

Secondary                             Our Lady of Perpetual Help Academy                                                                             Poblacion, Linamon, Lanao Del Norte                                                                            S.Y. 2006-2007

Elementary                            Bosque Elementary School                                                                                               Bosque, Linamon, Lanao Del Norte                                                                                 S.Y. 2002-2003

Work Experienced:

Guidance Center Student Assistant

St. Michael’s College

Quezon, Avenue, Iligan City                                                                                           S.Y. 2007-2008

Chemistry/Physics Laboratory Student Assistant                                                    St. Michael’s College                                                                                                        Quezon, Avenue Iligan City                                                                                            S.Y. 2008-2009



Guidance and Counseling Center Intern

La Salle Academy

S.Y. 2010-2011


Granexport Manufacturing Corporation Intern

Kiwalan, Iligan City

S.Y. 2010-2011


Manhattan Pawnshop (Cashier)

Iligan City

October 2011-February 2013


Flashcom Interprises (Office Personnel/HR)

January 2014 – June 2015


Seminars / Trainings Attended:


June   5-7, 2010                  Community Building Seminar Workshop                                                                    for Student Leaders                                                                                                          St. Michael’s College Conference Hall,                                                                          Assumption Building                                                                                                          Quezon Avenue, Iligan City


August 7-9, 2010                 Michaelite Leadership Training                                                                                      Suyo Beach Resort, Naawan,                                                                                           Misamis Oriental


October 6, 2010                    Teenage Suicide Seminar                                                                                               St. Michael’s College                                                                                                          Auditorium

Quezon Avenue, Iligan City


September 12, 2009            Seminar on Helping / Attending Skills                                                                          St. Michael’s College Conference Hall,                                                                          Assumption Building                                                                                                         Quezon Avenue, Iligan City


September 14, 2008            Team Building Seminar Workshop                                                                               Sabac Beach Resort                                                                                                           Dalipuga, Iligan City



September 1, 2007              Team Building Seminar Workshop                                                                               St. Michael’s College, AVR                                                                                                            Quezon Avenue, Iligan City


November   2014                  BOSH TRAINING COURSE

Tabes Place, Iligan City


June 2016                             KALAHI-CIDSS ROLL –OUT TRAINING

Deluxe Hotel, CDO



MARCH 20, 2011



Sept. 21-Present

Community Empowerment Facilitator at LGU-LInamon

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