Marlon Y. Orong

Marlon Y. Orong, RME



Production Supervisor with five (5) years experienced and currently handling this position with Expertise in Supervising, Leading, Controlling, Planning and Organizing people in the production and maintenance crew in the abaca pulp manufacturing by putting safety as top business priority, Monitor machine or equipment and implement corrective action, Quality Control Monitoring, a Process Operator, Internal Auditor, do product yield computation and Conduct Daily And monthly Production & Consumption report



Boiler Operator
Digester Operator (pressurized vessel)
Raw Water Treatment Operator
Production Supervisor
Internal Auditor
Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Evaluator
Process Operator
Computer Literate (excel, word and power point)
Good and well – improved in oral, writing, communication and reporting skills
Do continuous improvement as part of the project management team
Four wheels vehicle driver



Process Improvement
Create Pictured Standard Operating Procedure (PSOP)
Create Hazard and Risk Assessment Analysis in Relation to the Standard Operating Procedure
Conduct Managing Daily Improvement (MDI) everyday
Prepared Daily Equipment Monitoring checklist and implement or suggest immediate corrective action
Do Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
Do continuous improvement as part of project management team
Create Monthly Production Report and Yield Computation
Do Key Performance Indicator (KPI) evaluation in a shift personnel


Personal Experienced______________________________________________________________

Production Supervisor                                                                                             May 2012 to Date

Newtech Pulp, Inc. an ABACA PULP Manufacturing – Ma. Cristina Balo-I, Lanao del Norte
1. Supervises all shift personnel for the production of pulp to ensure that required production       quantity and quality are met.



On Safety

Takes a lead role in ensuring that all working practices at the mill site are safe and meet the Company’s mission of “injury free everyday” and zero accident program ZAP.
Conducts safety briefings at the beginning of the shift.
Conducts investigation on safety issues
Make accident/incident report
To manage the health and safety of all shift personnel and contractors in their control
Initiates and recommends continuous improvement initiatives to ensure a safe workplace and reports any unsafe condition, including maintenance of good housekeeping in the production area.
Ensure proper tagging of Lock Out/Tag Out and issuances of Permits

On People Management

1.2.1    To demonstrate leadership behaviors and quality consistent with Glatfelter corporate values

1.2.2    To develop the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) together with the shift personnel and ensure that SOP are followed by all.

1.2.3    To ensure that the shift operators are fully trained and meet the expected competency levels required for the job
To uphold and maintain standards of performance (production output, quality and service) of individuals and teams. Prepares and evaluates KPI, work assignments, scheduling, payroll matters, disciplinary actions
To ensure employees abide by the mill rules and regulations, policies and procedures.
To communicate with shift personnel on machine targets and performance levels to encourage and motivate the team to optimize performance.

On Quality

1.3.1     Ensures that quality is understood by all shift personnel through training and briefings

1.3.2     Ensures that fiber, materials/consumables used passed the quality inspection

1.3.3     Finds out the root cause of bad quality and report it

1.3.4     Checks materials, chemicals to ensure efficient and continuous production run, the quantity of supply.

1.3.5     Communicates and informs related quality inspection to Production Manager and Mill Manager

1.3.6     Coordinates with Supply Chain for the issuance of required raw materials/ chemicals/ production supplies.

1.3.7    Coordinates with Quality Assurance regarding any issues on product quality

On Equipment
Ensures that all production equipment are in good running condition
Documents equipment inspections and reports

Communication and Reporting

2.1.  Communicates issues timely and accurately

2.2.  Avoids or prevents delays in communication during breakdown

2.3.  Informs the adequate and necessary people to assist on issues

2.4.  Informs on safety on millwide shutdown immediately and to top level management
Reports to Maintenance any abnormality/deficiency/breakdown observed in the equipment/mill being operated
Prepare work orders and follow-up pending maintenance works to M & E department
Ensures that there is work and information turn-over and proper handling over the shift responsibilities and issues to the incoming shift.  There should be knowledge on the previous shift issues.
Ensures compliance with environmental laws, IMS, work instructions, ISO, QIS, SAP, company rules and regulations
Leads and Ensures in implementing Good Manufacturing Practices and Housekeeping in the mill.
Ensures the security and integrity of the mill premises on night shifts and weekends.
In-charge of the Warehouse during night and graveyard shift operation. Reports items taken from warehouse for maintenance/production during these shifts to Warehouse staff during the day shift.
Works closely with the Mill leadership team to ensure that change programmes are rolled out successfully through careful communication, explanation and involvement of all employees.
Prepares and submits monthly report on production, yield computation and consumption for review by mill management.
Performs other duties and responsibilities in all areas of the mill process, as maybe assigned from time to time


Reports directly to the Production Manager.
Supervises 14 production personnel and 5 maintenance & engineering personnel on the assigned shift
Feeder – 3
Digester Operator – 1
Washing Chest Operator  – 1
Centri Cleaner/BCD Operator – 1
Flatscreen Operator – 2
Boiler Operator  – 1
Water Treatment Operator – 1
Machine Man – 1
Sheeter Operator – 1
Dry/Wet Part Operator – 1
Forklift Operator – 1
MEI (mechanical, electrician, Instrumentation) – 1
Welder – 1
Mechanical maintenance – 3

Directly supervises manpower contractor and Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation (MEI) on shift.




Process Operator                                                                                             April 2007 to May 2012

Newtech Pulp, Inc. an ABACA PULP Manufacturing – Ma. Cristina Balo-I Lanao del Norte

Being a Process operator I was assigned as Shift Operator in some area of operation on the manufacturing of abaca pulp such as;


Boiler Operator –  (2) years as operator at Newtech Pulp Inc.

Operates the boiler and its attendant facilities in accordance to standard operating procedure (SOP).
Coordinates with the different processing areas for the timely and adequate supply of steam.
Monitors boiler performance and its attendant facilities and reports to the Production and Maintenance Supervisor any abnormalities observed during the operations of the boilers for immediate corrective action.
Records in standard logbooks and/into QIS operational details including but not limited to the following:
Boiler Operating Parameters
Steam Production
Fuel Consumptions
Consumption of Treatment Chemicals
Perform standard test on Boiler operations including but not limited to the following:
Low Water Cut Off Test at a specified frequency established by Factory manual
Pressure Relief Valve Test
Boiler Hydro Test as necessary
Maintains proper housekeeping in work areas at all times.
Conducts inspection check every shift following the inspection checklist.
Communicates and documents issues timely and accurately.
Ensures that there is work and information turn-over and proper handling over the shift responsibilities and issues to the incoming shift.
Performs cleaning 5S and observes plant policies and procedures and safe working practices at the mill site and meet the Company’s mission of “Injury Free everyday”
Equipment Used:

Water Tube Boiler (1 unit)                              Hi – Speed Feed water Pump(4 units)

Capacity = 637 hp                                           Capacity = 36 m3/hr

Operating Pressure = 16 kg/cm2                    Speed = 3545 rpm

Head = 200 m                                                                                                                                      Power = 34.5 kw

Fire Tube Boiler (2 units)

Weishaupt Burner Type

Capacity = 765 Hp

Operating Pressure = 15 kg/cm2





Raw water Treatment Operator – one(1) year as operator at Newtech Pulp Inc.
Operate the pump according to standard operating procedure (SOP).
Conduct backwashing of raw water from agus river according to standard operating procedure (SOP).
Reports to Supervisor any abnormalities of the pump or machines ans ensure that they are immediately corrected.
Performs cleaning and Housekeeping in the pump house.
Ensure continuous and adequate supply of fresh water in the different operations of the mill.
Performs preventing maintenance activities including but not limited to the following:
Cleaning and removal of sludge in the sedimentation tank
Cleaning of the pulp mill settling pond
Regularly retrieve any floating materials in the water surface of the water in the settling pond.
Observes & follows Safety Rules and Regulations.

Equipment Used:

Double Entry Centrifugal Pump (8 units), KSB Shanghai type

Capacity = 720 m3/hr

Head = 38m

Speed = 1750 rpm


Ebarra Pump (4 units)

Capacity = 10 m3/m

Head = 36 m

Speed = 1750 rpm


Digester Operator – Pressurized vessel; one(2)years operator at Newtech Pulp Inc.
Leads the cooking operations including but not limited to the following task:
Checks feeders to ensure they follow the Standard Operating Procedure
Checks whether inventory of chemicals and other raw materials is done at the end of shift
Checks washing chest operator follows the standard operating procedure
Performs the cooking operations including but not limited to the following tasks:
Conducts steam-up, gas-blow/blow-down, liquor blowdown and discharging operations
Maintains the cooking operations following the standard cooking profile
Operates the blowdown system consisting of pulp separator, heat exchanger and fume scrubber following the standard operating procedure
Monitors cooking parameters and reports to the shift supervisor any variation from set points and ensures that such variations are immediately corrected
Ensure the newly cooked pulp are discharged properly into the washing chest
Ensures that details of the cooking operations are properly documented in the QIS and/or standard logbook
Perform the following tasks during cleaning and disinfection schedule:
Clean digesters and its components (gears, pressure control system)
Inspects conditions on the inside component of the digester
Inspects and checks operating equipment and reports to supervisor any abnormalities observed
Equipment Used:

Pressurized Vessel Spherical Rotary

Capacity = 40 cu. Meter

Thickness of plate = 16 mm

Size = 4300 mm

Used for = Cooking of Abaca Fibers


Supervisor                                                                                     May 2006 to April 2007

Talado Construction Steel & Mechanical Services affiliated at Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation –

Assumption heights Buru – un Iligan City
Supervised  personnel in line of contract work from Talado Construction to MVC by putting Safety of employee as our top priority such as;

PVC Welding works
Steel welding works
Mechanical works
Electrical works
Make Daily Equipment Availability monitoring Report
Make Monthly report on all work Order request being done
Make Corrective, Improvement and Preventive Action Report (CAR, IAR, PAR)


On the Job Training                                                                                April 6, 2005 to May 27, 2005

Agus 6/7 HE Plant Complex, NPC – Mindanao Generation – Iligan City
Assist in Mechanical works especially during Preventive Maintenance Shutdown (PMS)
5S cleaning
Basic machining at machine shop
Perform and assist cleaning at Power intake by removing water lily leaves


Education and Training_____________________________________________________

Mechanical Engineering                                                                                                2005

Mindanao State University (main Campus) – Marawi City Lanao del Sur, Philippines

A licensed Mechanical Engineer passed the board exam given last April 2006 as a Top one (1) School examinees by having 100% passers out of 10 examiners

Seminars and/or Training
Project Management Training
Basic Occupational Safety  and Health Training Course (BOSHC)
Latest Trends in Labor Relation: Issues & Challenges and Workplace Safety: Continuous Improvement
Safety and Operations SOP Seminar
Certified First Aider
First Aid Training
Basic Course on Internal Auditing of QEHMS using ISO 19011:2011
Practical Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for an Effective Corrective Action Planning
Quality, Environment, Health and Safety (QEHS) Management System Documentation
Process Orientation Course
Quality, Environment, Health & Safety (QEHS) Management System Awareness
Quality Awareness Seminar
Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
Risks at Work and Learning Session on HIV/AIDS in the Workplace
Platinum Product Update/Fundamentals of Lubrication
Emergency Preparedness and Response
Lock – Out/Tag – Out
Safety Briefing
Seminar – Workshop on Employees Enhancement
Occupational Safety and Health Training / Workshop
Basic Accounting for Non – Accountants
Parliamentary Procedures
Orientation on Labor and other Related Laws
Family Welfare 1st Mindanao Summit
Dangerous Drug Awareness in the Workplace – Family Welfare
Learning on HIV/AIDS in the Workplace
Mediation for Managers
Resolving Conflict and Rebuilding Relationships at Work
Cooperative Leadership and Values Orientation
Entrepreneurial and Business Management
Updates on Cooperative Performance and Social Audit Reports


Personal Information_________________________________________________________

A 35 years of age, married with two young children, a Roman Catholic in religion, a CFC (Couples for Christ) Active member and House Hold Head leader Sector C Cluster 2 Iligan City Lanao del norte, PSME Iligan Bay Chapter   Member, A Cooperative Board of Director – Newtech Pulp Employees Multi – Purpose Cooperative NEMPUCO, First Community Cooperative FICCO member, Lorenzo Tan Multi-Purpose Cooperative member.


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