Nelman M. Santoyo

Duties and Responsibilities:

Al-Hoorani Automatic Transmission


·          Repairs manual and automatic transmissions in automobiles, buses, trucks, and other automotive vehicles: Raises automotive vehicle, using jacks or hoists, and removes transmission, using mechanic’s hand tools.

·         Disassembles transmission unit and replaces broken or worn parts, such as bands, gears, seals, and valves.

·         Adjusts pumps, bands, and gears as required, using wrenches.

·         Installs repaired transmission and fills it with specified fluid.

·         Adjusts operating linkage and tests operation on road.

·         May adjust carburettor.

·         May verify idle speed of motor, using equipment, such as tachometer, making required adjustments.

·         May specialize in repair of automatic transmissions and be designated Automatic-Transmission Mechanic.


AG & P Company of Manila Inc.


·            Operate and maintenance of bogey transporter for modules and fire heaters.

·            Service & Maintenance on troubled vehicle in any field of operation.

·            Perform engine overhauling for all company vehicles.

·            Reforming preventive maintenance for all heavy equipment vehicle like mobile crane and etc.

·            Perform and assist towing boom assembling for mobile crane.

·            Service & Maintenance on company generators and other mechanical equipment and facilities.

·            Assures good housekeeping before and after working hours.

·            Assures good materials and spare parts of engine to be used.

·            Ensured the provision of a safe working environment.


Keppel Shipyard Inc.

Trainee (OJT) Company Service Maintenance


·            Assisting on service maintenance for company mechanical equipment and facilities

·            Observe and practice maintenance activities on generators, service vehicles, and other equipment.

·            Maintenance and tool handler.

·            Assist in engine overhauling for all company vehicles.

·            Assures good housekeeping before and after working hours.




Automotive at Batangas State University



mechanic at AG&P


mechanic tranmission at Al hoorani Automatic Gear

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