Sarosong Adawiya

I’m a seventeen years old English enthusiast. I love writing stories specifically fictions; fantasy, action, sci-fi and horror. I write using the English language.

I’m still a learning writer too as well as an artist, so my work won’t be that excellent or outstanding.

I can also do English-Filipino tutoring and translation.

I haven’t finished highschool. Because of poverty but I’m a fast learner and I’ve self taught myself.

I have been friends with English and Americans since I was twelve and have quite grown accustomed to them. So I might be an awkward person to Filipinos who have no experience in the world of internet.

Also I can speak English and I’m an evacuee, that’s why I’m looking for a job. I can’t forever depend on relief goods. I have to find a way to earn money than just sit and be miserable.

Before I forgot. I can also write screenplays and scripts. Encodes and can stay up for 12-20 hours. I’m insomniac.


  • and can be an English translator too
  • drawing
  • Writing
  • Updated 2 years ago